Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wanted: The Ultimate Teacher, Fathers

Happy Father's Day!  As I reflect on my many blessings of being a father, I cannot help but make a connection to education. After all, my oldest daughter says my hashtag is #PeaceLoveEducation. Today I would like to thank fathers for the commitment you have made to your children, and I would also like to issue a challenge to all the fathers out there.

The work of the father has a huge impact on their children. It's so big that children of single parent households have around a 50% chance of dropping out of high school. There's plenty of research that supports the fact that kids benefit from having two parents. But that's not all. Kids also benefit from living in a home that is above the poverty line. That means that what both parents do sets the tone for their kids to succeed in school, and dads play a huge role in that fact. 

Fathers play a unique role in their children's development.
Here are just a few roles that fathers play. 

  • Positive Male Role Model - Every kid with an involved father has one, and this role is epic.
  • Builder - Fathers teach their kids how to build things or do things with their hands. 
  • Conflict Resolver - Fathers teach their children how to handle conflict like an adult.  
  • Hard Worker - They show their kids the value of hard work and commitment to doing a good job. 
  • Playmate - They spend time playing with their kids.
  • Friend - They are their child's best friend.
  • Protector - They love, guard and protect their children.
  • Teacher - What dads teach their children through their words and actions stays with them FOREVER.
Now obviously moms do a lot of these jobs as well, but dads play a special role.  Dads are not extras.  They're not bonuses.  They're essential, and any kid with a committed father has a great chance to have a successful future.   That is why we must compel fathers to know their role and not underestimate it.  What they do or fail to do for their children has a huge impact on their children.  Schools and parents must work hard to not only encourage dads to come to the school and get involved.  They should encourage dads to get involved in their kids' lives.  They should promote the importance found in the statistics.  Dads matter ALOT! 

On this Father's Day, take time to not only thank the dads out there.  Encourage them to either get involved or stay involved in their children's lives because it matters.  Thank you fathers out there for all that you do.  

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