#LoveMySchoolDay - Thursday, April 9, 2020

On Friday, April 11, 2014, I started an idea called  #LoveMySchoolDay.  The initiative was designed to encourage teachers, principals and staff to use the power of social media to share with the world the positive and wonderful things that exist in their school.  On this day, the hashtag generated over 3000 tweets on Twitter and trended quickly.  Facebook and Instagram also has many posts on this very important initiative.

The 411 about #LoveMySchoolDay 2019
On April 11, 2019 (Year 6 of the event), #LoveMySchoolDay reached over 100k people. While 93% of the posts were U.S., many posts came out of Canada, Spain, UK, China, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, India, China, Italy, and Iran. In short, #LoveMySchoolDay is a world-wide event, and it is making a huge impact around the world.

The 411 on 4/11
The reason that #LoveMySchoolDay is scheduled on April 11 every year is not to be one day that we tell our story. April 11 (aka 4/11) serves as our reminder that we must tell the real 411 (true information) about education, and that it is not failing. Education around the world is actually doing great things, but we, educators, must be reminded that we are the chief story-tellers, and we must show the world what we are doing for kids and the communities we serve.

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The hope of #LoveMySchoolDay is that educators across the world will unite to create a new and  is a springboard to leverage the power of social media to inform as well as inspire our school community.

We all aspire to improve the entire culture of education.  We want to create a school culture where teachers are empowered to share on social media the reasons that they love to work in their school.  We want teachers, principals and superintendents to share the great learning taking place.  The ultimate goal is to change the perception that people have about school.  If parents and community members can see evidence of great learning on a regular basis, then the school can generate stronger partnerships.

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When is our next  #LoveMySchoolDay?

Thursday, April 9, 2020

How do we promote #LoveMySchoolDay?

  1. Put it on your school calendar
  2. Start sharing the vision of #LoveMySchoolDay with your staff and community.
  3. Direct them to the #LoveMySchoolDay Twitter feed for examples of what to post.
  4. Review your district's policy for posting pictures of students.
  5. Give your staff guidance and direction on appropriate times to post.
  6. Have incentives for those who post.  People need motivation to try something new.

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#LoveMySchoolDay's Reach on Tuesday, April 11, 2017