Friday, June 5, 2015

Teachers, Impact Next School Year Now!!!

Last week I wrote a bit called, "The Principal's Summer Excellence Checklist". The feedback from this piece was powerful as principals and teachers chimed in on how valuable they found the post. The cool part of the feedback was how teachers had an overwhelming sense of wanting to help their principal improve the school.   So this week's post is written to give teachers ideas that will help their principal improve the school next year. 

Summer is a break for teachers and kids, but it's not for the principal. We must remember that the foundation for next year is being laid right now in the work that he or she does over the summer. Does your campus principal have all the information that he or she needs to make the campus even better next year? If you think about it, they're going to make decisions that could impact you for the better or for the worse.  Decisions will be made about resources, schedules, discipline, collaboration, intervention and just about anything that will impact how you will meet the needs of kids. Without a doubt they're going to do their best to make the campus better, but why not take a few minutes and give your input to ensure a positive outcome? Giving input to your principal now could have more impact on your year than anything you do all of next year. 

15 Things Leaders Need to Know before Summer Break Begins

1. Successes from the year that you would like to see continue.
2.  Curricular changes that benefitted teachers. 
3.  Curricular or instructional changes that caused confusion or frustration 
4.  Disciplinary issues that improved this year. 
5.  Disciplinary issues that started to become problematic for teachers. 
6.  Resources that you found very helpful. 
7.  Resources that need more staff development in mastering. 
8. Students that are in need of more social and emotional supports. 
9.  Students that made huge gains and will need continued supports to continue academic growth. 
10. Ideas to strengthen communication between administration and teachers. 
11. Ideas to increase technology integration. 
12. Ideas to improve collaboration among teachers. 
13. Student motivation ideas. 
14. Staff motivation ideas. 
15. Any ideas or suggestions that you feel would make the school a better place for students and staff

 How the school is structured has a direct impact on your effectiveness as a teacher. By knowing what works for you, principals can leave successful structures and strategies in place. By hearing what causes frustration or concern, principals can devote their time to refining or revamping those structures. The bottom line is this.  Every leader needs to be led by their followers, and giving your input is the way to lead your leader. Not all of your suggestions will be taken, but they will plant a seed that can positively influence the overall effort that the principal will make to improve the school. 

Now is the time to influence your next year.  Don't miss your chance to help your principal help you. 

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  1. Great things to take a moment to reflect on before the summer break begins. I especially like #8. How awesome is it that a principal is taking time in the summer to be proactive and advocate for those students who need it the most.