Thursday, May 7, 2015

26 Traits of Terrific Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is here, and it is time to give thanks for all that teachers do for our kids. In this post I'd like to take a moment to go beyond appreciating these outstanding people for choosing the noblest profession of all. Sure, teachers need to hear that we appreciate them for teaching kids, but they need to hear even more that we appreciate all the things they do that are above and beyond mteaching and learning. So with that I would like to share with you:

26 Traits of a Terrific Teacher

Adaptable - to their teaching environment and the numerous needs of their kids Irregardless of the resources they have or the expectations placed upon them.
Believer - in their own abilities, the abilities of their kids and in the power of education. 
Counselor - to help kids conquer the emotional barriers that consume their lives. 
Diverse - in their approach to help all kids learn. 
Energizer Bunny - #NuffSaid
Father - to the many kids that don't have a positive male figure in their lives. 
Guide - to show each kid his way to a prosperous future. 
Honest - with themselves first and with everyone they influence second. 
Innovative - in finding new ways to help each kid learn. 
Jack of all Trades - skills that are often developed through many hours outside of the work day. 
Knowledgeable - in content, pedagogy, law, and countless other things that are needed to make them effective. 
Learner - because they know that the teacher must always be the first learner. 
Mother - nurturing kids and providing them the love that many do not receive. 
Neighborly - always modeling how to be kind and considerate to everyone they meet, especially those who don't respect them. 
Optimistic - seeing the opportunity in every obstacle. 
Persistent - because giving up on kids is not an option. 
Quick - in their response to every situation. 
Resilient - picking themselves up and dusting themselves off when they fail. 
Supportive - of kids, peers, parents, administrators and education as a whole. 
Tenacious- full of grit and determination to help every kid learn. 
Understanding - that learning takes time and that some kids grow faster and in different ways than others. 
Visionary - in their approach to improve the profession and the world one kid at a time. 
Wild - about life, kids, teaching and learning. 
X-Ray - the ability to see the potential in every kid. 
Youthful - in their approach to life and teaching. 
Zealous - in their love for learning and their passion to instill that love for learning in every child. 

There are too many other adjectives that I could use to describe teachers, but the bottom line is this. Teachers are not heroes. They are superheroes, and they take on superhuman qualities that no other profession requires. This week I challenge you to thank a teacher not for what they do, but for all the things that you'll never know that they do. 

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