Friday, April 4, 2014

#LoveMySchoolDay, April 11

This past week, I had a staff member come up to me and tell me how much she wished that everyone knew what an awesome school we had.  She was frustrated how disgruntled people came up in her newsfeed griping about their child's school and saying hateful things.  Her point was this.

"I just wish people could come up here and see what an awesome place this is."

So I sat and pondered her thought, and I said to myself.  Why can't we tell our story?  Why can't we tell what an awesome place our school is?  Why can't we brag about the great things happening that no one ever sees?  Why can't we talk about the wonderful things at our school that make us excited and fired up to come to work every day?  Why can't we brag about our awesome teachers and staff and how they go above and beyond to make our campus the best for every kid and every staff member every day?

Do you feel the challenge coming yet?

I could brag about my school, but I don't want to stop with just my school.  Your school is awesome.  People don't know why.  You have excellent teachers.  We don't know who they are.  Your kids are doing amazing things, and everyone deserves to know what they are learning and how you are making it happen.

Here is my challenge.

1.   April 11 is #LoveMySchoolDay 

Get the word out now by sharing this with everyone you know!!!

2. All day on Friday, post, repost, tweet, retweet, on every Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media accounts what you love about your school.  Tell us how awesome your school is using the hashtag, #LoveMySchoolDay.  Brag on your school, students and teachers!!!

Give the world the 411 about your school!!!

3.  Share with the world the great work you and your colleagues are doing to educate all kids.

4.  Let's send the message that we #LoveWhatWeDo for kids, parents and our country.

We are on the front lines creating a better world for the next generation.  The world needs to hear our story.  If you love your school, join us by telling your story on #LoveMySchoolDay


  1. Yes--there should be more positives about schools, teachers, and learning.