Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Best Kind of PC

What our culture is lacking is PC. There is a deficit of people who are considerate, who truly understand PC. Organizations would be so much more effective if they would truly adopt the philosophy of PC.

No, I'm not talking about political correctness. 

I'm talking about Personal Commitment. 

Personal commitment is a deep rooted desire to see the environment around you flourish. It's an unwavering promise to see things through. When you think of someone who has overcome insurmountable obstacles to accomplish an unbelievable goal, that's a perfect example of personal commitment. If you think of the perfect family who has stuck together through thick and thin, you're seeing personal commitment, and when you remember your favorite team that put all the pieces together to win the championship, you're envisioning personal commitment. 

So do you personally have the 3 layers of personal commitment?

PC to Self
The qualities of personal commitment to self can be summed up in one word, industrious. With every word or action, PC people give it their all. Their focus is not self-serving but self-improving. People who are committed to their self-growth know that their commitment lies in never relinquishing their God-given responsibility to learn and grow. 

PC to Others
The second level of personal commitment has nothing to do with yourself but with others. If you think about the high divorce rate or the staggering number of children suffering from abject neglect, it all boils down to a complete lack of personal commitment to others.  Our country's media has glamorized self-serving behavior which promotes blatant disregard for the needs of other people especially those closest to us. If you think about the adage, love your neighbor as yourself, that is the essence of PC to others. We must deny ourselves of our personal needs so that we may fulfill the needs of others.  Our spouses and children need personal commitment to others from us more than any other possession known to man. 

PC to the Greater Good
If we truly believe in committing to our own personal growth and development as well as serving others before ourselves, then we understand that we must constantly commit and recommit to the greater good. No matter what your role is (teacher, administrator, custodian, etc.), you must have a personal commitment to see that the organization you serve grows and prospers. You hold a piece of the puzzle that can make the organization more successful. However if your focus is on committing to your self-preservation, you will never share that piece of the puzzle to actually make the greater good come to the truest fruition.  Think of it this way. When you commit to the growth of the organization, you are actually committing to yourself at a deeper level. 

PC is the Best PC
If you think about personal commitment, it is actually better than any form of political correctness. Political correctness by itself does not commit to helping others grow and improve. In fact, it solidifies the status quo. I'm not saying that we shouldn't consider our words before we say them, but I am saying that we should use our words and actions to make people and this world a lot better than it already is. 

Think about it. If every person in this world was deeply committed to making themselves a better person each and every day, if every person was committed to their spouses, their children, and their families, and if they were deeply committed to the organizations and groups that they spend the majority of their time at, wouldn't this world be a much better place?  What's lacking in this world is not political correctness. It's personal commitment. Every problem that has manifested itself in our world has evolved because of a lack of commitment to self, others, the world or a combination of all three, and now is the time to take a stand and better our world by expecting personal commitment from those who impact our lives. 

How do you feel about personal commitment and how will you encourage and model PC to others this week?

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