Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hey World! #ThankaTeacherDay is Saturday, May 10!

We didn't get where we are on our own. Somebody helped us get there. You aren't able to read this post because of your own genius factor. Somebody taught you how. You're not where you are in life because you're special. Somebody showed you the way.

A Teacher!

The end of school is near for billions of kids around the world, but for us adults another year in the school of hard knocks is coming to an end as well. Did you learn anything this year?  Did your kids learn anything this year?

Well of course we all learned this year. Sure, there were some days that were rocky, but there were a lot more days that rocked. For that, we need to say thank you to the people who made it possible, teachers. 

Here's the Deal

Teachers are underappreciated, and the profession is often criticized for the shortcomings that befall our children.   As a result, many leave the profession every year because the challenge of educating all children is such an overwhelming task. A lot of times, the things they do for our kids go unnoticed without a word of thanks. There's are millions of teachers who go out of their way everyday to teach us things that will never be measured on a test. They deserve credit.  

Teachers make kids feel special. They give kids value and self-worth as well as a safe place to learn. While kids may not like it at the time, teachers hold kids accountable for always displaying good behavior and character. They walk in the door day after day ready to change the world one child at a time, one minute at a time. In some cases, teachers are the only family some children have.

So here's my proposal - #ThankaTeacherDay, May 10

Let's make Saturday, May 10 #ThankaTeacherDay. On this day let's all tell the world that teachers are awesome. 

# - We want everyone who is living and breathing to go use Facebook, Twitter and every other social media service to thank a teacher who made a profound impact on their life. 

# - We want parents to thank their child's teachers for teaching their children something this year. Even if a parent doesn't like their child's teacher, they should show respect for the work that their teachers did to help their children learn and grow. 

# - We want people to thank their coworkers and leaders who have showed them the way. After all, leaders and coworkers are teachers, aren't they?  I know that every leader and coworker that I have worked with has been an awesome teacher for me in some shape or fashion. 

So What Do You Say???

On Saturday, May 10th, will you join the cause?  Will you post positive comments about great teachers and include the hashtag, #ThankaTeacherDay?  Will you spread the word?  Will you thank your teachers, your child's teacher, or just the teachers that simply rock because they're that great?

The world is where it is because of teachers, and the world becomes a better place every day because of teachers. One of my favorite teachers of all time was my 7th grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Juanita Cammack. She died a few years ago but a few years before that I got the opportunity to tell her what an awesome teacher and influence she was in my life. While she made the bigger impact on my life, my simple words of thanks surprised her and brightened her day. 

Teachers aren't in it for the money. They're in it to make a difference and sometime they don't how much of a difference they have made until someone thanks them for it years later. 

#ThankaTeacherDay, a simple expression that affirms a lifetime of work. I hope you will join me as we flood the social media feeds with positive words of thanks for the noblest of professions that rarely gets the appreciation it deserves. 

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