Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Right Mistakes are Excellence Makers

How do you view mistakes?  Do they make you feel inferior or do they stimulate your commitment to personal growth?  If viewed through the lens of growth, mistakes can enhance your experience.  The more mistakes you make, the more experience you acquire.   As I ponder the connection between mistakes and experience, I truly believe that mistakes have a secret power to build our excellence and the fortitude necessary to attain it.  

Think about it.
  • Excellence can't occur without overcoming a lot of mistakes.
  • You can't overcome a lot of mistakes unless you view mistakes positively.
  • You only view mistakes positively when you're unafraid to make them.
  • You're unafraid to make mistakes when you're passionate about learning.
  • Passion for learning happens when mistakes lead to exploration not labels.

Fear of mistakes prevents students and adults from discovering their purpose, and leaders can either create a culture that either embraces mistakes or forces people to avoid them at all costs. 

We've seen both sides of the reaction to mistakes.  Teachers and coaches can use them to kill the passion for learning forever or embolden students to overcome amazing obstacles.  How we respond when students make mistakes makes the difference.   And we all know that the same can be said of leaders and how they use mistakes to lead their followers to new heights or down the path of destruction.

Are people making the right mistakes in your organization?  If they are, they're exhilarated by the power of learning through mistakes.  And when people become more passionate about new learning because of their positive response to right mistakes, excellence will be within your grasp.

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