Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Finding your Raditude

In an earlier post I shared my 2018 New Year’s One Word Resolution, RADICAL. In that post I talked about the need to get to the root of who we are as individuals and how we can accomplish that by removing unproductive actions from our daily lives. I coined that work the +1 Principle.

The 2nd step to accomplishing a Radical Life is to adopt an attitude of gratitude.  To possess a Radical Attitude, we aren't positive.  We must move beyond trying to have a positive attitude because in the end it focuses our minds, actions and interactions on us, and to be honest that's pretty shallow.  An attitude of gratitude capitalizes on that positive attitude and is focused on appreciating others, not pleasing ourselves.  Furthermore, research shows us that we are most happy when we dedicate our thoughts to appreciating others. 

Think about it. Having a positive attitude takes a lot of thinking, and there’s not much action that

accompanies that thought, but an attitude of gratitude turns positive thoughts in positive action. Think about it.  You can have gratitude by being thankful, but you can have RADITUDE by expressing your appreciation to others. A positive attitude gets you facing the right direction while gratitude gets you and others around you moving in the right direction. 

Do you have an attitude or a Raditude?  The answer to that questions be better revealed based on this question.  Is your trajectory of your day based on how you feel or how fill others?  

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