Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Best Growth is Within

Source:  Simon Sinek's Instragram post
Growth is a personal endeavor, and it happens differently for every person.  Some people start physically growing before others do, while others don't grow at all and then overnight, they grow 5 inches.  There is one inevitable truth about growth, and it is this.


That is why it is important that we remind our students that it is not always best to compare ourselves to others through the lens of standardization especially when it comes to their current state or proficiency in learning.  It is, however, very healthy for students to analyze their unique progress over time and determine if they are making the necessary growth that pushes them toward mastery in learning.

One thought that we must always remember about growth is that it's not a race.  It is, however, a journey.  Some will grow faster while others will grow slower.  Furthermore, we must convince our students to believe that growth shouldn't be based on speed, but on their commitment to owning their growth and personal development, for that is how we ensure that we convince kids to set their sights on making lasting growth instead of growth that is fast and more likely unnecessary or even unsustainable.

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