Thursday, September 8, 2016

Are you Finding the Fix or the Fault?

Today's world conditions us to find something wrong with virtually everything, and finding fault is easy. Point out the problem; blame someone for it, and you're done. Status quo solidified.

Organizations on the grow, however, fix their eyes beyond the problem and even the people responsible for it. They go one step further and find the fix. Now this one step is much bigger than you might think. It requires analysis, and it demands reserved patience in order to discover a solution that resolves the issue permanently.

What are Fault Finders?
  • Fault finders point out problems without finding a solution. 
  • They are quick to place blame on others. 
  • They pride themselves on being the first to illuminate problems and the people who may create them. 
  • They create a culture of fear and inhibit risk-taking. 

What are Fix Finders?
  • Fix finders identify the problem and its causal factors. 
  • They identify supports that need to be in place to prevent the problem from reoccurring again. 
  • They take ownership of the problem and engage others in order to learn from the problem so that it can be eradicated. 
  • They protect and reassure people who may have caused or are associated with the problem. 
  • They nurture a culture of experimentation and exploration.

The Fix and the Fault: It's a Matter of Excellence
Mediocre leaders find faults because it justifies their role and gives them a sense relevance. Excellent leaders, however, quickly look past the fault to the fix simply because they know that an overemphasis on the problem stalls organizational momentum. Faults don't improve the organization. They stifle them. Only resolution can build organizational efficacy.  

Are you fixed on the problem or the solution?  The answer to that question possesses greater implications than you know. 

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