Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Change your Investment; Change your Outcome

Source - Toby Mac
I thoroughly enjoy Toby Mac's music, but I think I like following him on Instagram and Facebook even more.  Every day there is something inspirational that keeps me focused on the important things in life.  Today, I want to share one of those things with you.  All too often, we get tired and think that we really can't change what's going on in the classroom, in our work on in our life; therefore, we avoid confronting it and fix our minds on dealing with it.  Basically our investment in the situation never changes, so our outcome remains the same.

Only we can change the outcome.

If you want your outcome to change,  I want to push you to focus on this quote and ask yourself this question.  "If I want things to change, am I ready change first?"  As long we continue with the same old behaviors, our results never change, but if we make a stronger investment and double down on our belief in ourselves and our abilities, and then we are ready to invest in making choices that are positive and productive.  And if we commit to the new choices we have made, we will see a better outcome in the end.  Our families deserve our best investment, and in our schools, our students deserve our best investment.  Think about it.  A small yet intentional change could be just the thing that will forever change our outcome and our personal impact on someone's world.

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