Friday, April 1, 2016

6 Ways to Re-recruit your Staff!

Signs are up advertising for job fairs.  Buses are parked on corners with banners advertising openings, and websites are bursting with all kinds of teaching and leadership positions.  Yep, spring time means recruiting time, and it is time to get out there and find new faces to fill your vacancies.

But are you doing the 'right' recruiting?
You see.  There's a reason that you have to fill all of those spots.  People are leaving.  Sure retirements are a natural phenomenon.  Advancement opportunities create vacancies, and people move.  But does every vacancy on your list fall into those categories?

How many people are leaving for a lateral move?  How many are leaving for greener pastures?  How many are leaving because of the culture that they currently work in?  If you don't know the answers to these questions, that is a problem that will create more recruiting work for you now and more work when you have to support them all next fall?

Is it Time to Re-Recruit your Employees?
Re-recruiting your current employees is an essential process to ensure that your organization continues to grow, and here are 6 ways you can better your chances of keeping your quality people on staff next year.

Recognize your staff on a frequent basis for all the hard work they have done.
Empower your staff to lead, experiment and most importantly take risks.
Teach your staff what you know and ask them to teach you.
Appreciate your staff through both word and deed.
Invite your staff to lead with you.
Nurture your staff when they fail, when they stumble and when they make mistakes.

Retaining your staff is nothing more than making the extra effort to recruit them all over again.  It may seem like a lot of work, but when compared with the task of training new faces who take their place, re-recruiting is a much better investment that will pay a huge dividend in the end,  a more successful organization next year and more time for you to invest in making all of your staff members even better when they return next year.

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