Friday, September 4, 2015

Convert your Peeps into Tweeps

I had a message from a friend the other day asking me to help her get a professional Twitter account started, and she asked me to name some people that she should follow.  That's a hard question for me, a person that is connected to so many people.  After thinking about it, I gave up on her request and created a Google Sheet with lots of people that I connect with.  These are not necessarily the most popular or my favorites. They are a great starting point for building your PLN.   These folks are people that I interact with on different levels.  Some are superintendents.  Some are teachers.  Some are advocates, but all have one thing in common.  They help me grow.

As educators, we should encourage our colleagues to start a twitter account.  After all, Twitter is the exponent of learning.  To start a Twitter account, you need to create a stream of good content that will provide a wealth of information.  However, getting started on Twitter is hard, especially if you are uncomfortable interacting with complete strangers, but I hope this list along with these steps will help convert your Peeps into Tweeps.

How to Convert your Peeps into Tweeps

Step 1 - Follow these Folks

Now this is not everyone that I learn from.  In fact there are tons of people that I could have put on this list, but space is an issue.  For more names, just go to my Twitter account and look at my followers or my following list.

Step 2 - Find more people to follow

Once you follow these people, see who they are following, retweeting, favoriting and interacting with, and then follow those people as well.  

Step 3 - Read, favorite and retweet what they post

Once you start following people, you can interact with them or their content by reading, favoriting, and retweeting (RT) what they are tweeting.   You don't have to say anything.  Just share their thoughts.

Step 4 - Reply or Quote a Tweet

Start replying to tweets or quoting tweets that you find interesting. Conversing with members of your PLN is a powerful learning activity as these folks help you grow in your comfort with Twitter.

Step 5 - Participate in a Twitter Chat

Go to @cybraryman's page to find a schedule of Twitter chats and participate in one.  Participating in a chat can be quite exhilarating as a flood of ideas and thoughts around a central topic can expand your knowledge beyond what you could ever learn in your district.  Don't forget to add the #hashtag of the chat so that your thoughts are visible to everyone participating in the chat.

New is not that Scary
Twitter is not that scary once you get going. Just log on, start following folks and learn from them. Once you're comfortable, you can jump in there and share your ideas. I promise you that your contributions are great and people want to hear them.  The most important reason to get on Twitter is to continue your own personal growth and development, and the reason that is important is because it will help your students learn more from you.  Good luck and tweet on. 


  1. WOW! Honored to have been listed as someone you learn from!!

  2. Hi John,
    Thank you for including me on your list. It's an honor to be included with the rest of those amazing educators! I'm trying to convert my peeps into tweets and in the process I have both created and curated some resources for them. I started a resource sharing site where I have shared the various Twitter lists in different subject areas. These lists can be found on the Connecting tabs as well as 7-12 Apps and Resources.

    Thank you again for including me!