Monday, September 21, 2015

Vocaroo your Kids into Self-Directed Learning

Think of all the ways that kids lose instructional time waiting.  Kids miss instructional time each time they have to leave the classroom to take an oral administration of a test but they also lose valuable time each time they have to wait for the teacher to direct their learning.  But it's even harder to get kids to drive their own learning, especially if kids are conditioned to wait for the adult before they take charge of their learning.

Well have no fear; Vocaroo is here. Vocaroo (CLICK HERE) is a cool tool that will keep kids engaged in learning, but the powerful potential in Vocaroo goes far beyond it's basic use as a digital tool to orally adminster tests.  Below are 5 ways that you can use Vocaroo to enhance your instruction and strengthen student engagement at the same time.

Listen to my short vocaroos below, and if you want to experiment with Vocaroo, click the record and upload voice button.  THE BEST PART about Vocaroo is that it is EASY to USE.  Honestly, I made each 30-45 second Vocaroo in about 2 minutes from start to finish which also includes embedding it into this post.  I hope you will check it out.

Oral Administration of Tests

Record and upload voice >>

Bell Ringers & Exit Tickets

Audio recording >>
Collaborative Learning Groups

Voice Recorder >>

QR Codes for Independent Tasks

Voice Recorder >>

Vocaroo QR Code
Try it out!

Science Fairs (or other student products)

Online recording software >>

How Do You Vocaroo? 
Drop a comment or an idea of how we can use Vocaroo to meet the needs of kids while simultaneously creating an environment that challenges kids to take charge and be self-directed in their learning.

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