Thursday, August 21, 2014

20 Things All Teachers Need to Hear from All Parents at the Beginningof the Year.

Well school is cranking up, and parents are bringing school supplies and their children to school to meet their new teachers. Anxiety is mounting as parents wonder how good their child's teachers will be. Teachers are nervous about making a good first impression with every parent. Building trust is definitely a difficult task at the beginning of the year. 

As I drop my kids off this year to a complete stranger that deserves my respect, I ask myself what are some things all teachers deserve to hear from me, the parent. Well I reflected on my days as a teacher, and I thought about some of the most powerful things that I have ever been told by a parent. 

Here are 20 things every teacher deserves to hear from every parent at the beginning of the year. 

1.  I trust you with my most prized possession.

2. Here is my cell number. Call or text me if you need me. I will always answer your call. 

3.  My child is not perfect, and I know he will make mistakes. 

4.  I won't believe half of what my child says about you if you won't believe half of what he says about me. 

5.  I want you to make my child work hard. 

6.  I want you to teach my child how to struggle. 

7.  I expect my child to learn the skill of perseverance. 

8. When my child is mad at you, I will talk to you about it first because his anger is based on his perception. 

9.  I will assume the best in you. 

10.  If I'm frustrated with you, I will remember that you have the hardest job in America that few are willing to take on. 

11.  I understand that just like me, you will have bad days. 

12.  If my child makes a mistake, I will support you in helping him correct it. 

13.  If my child is struggling in your class, I will help you help him improve. 

14.  I will encourage my child to reach out to you when he needs help. 

15.  I will teach my child the importance of completing assignments and tasks in a timely fashion. 

16.  I will remind my child that you are preparing him for life not a test. 

17. I will look to you as the expert to make the best decisions that will help my child learn at higher levels. 

18. I know you may not have all the answers for every question that I ask, but I always ask you first. 

19. Please tell me if I need to do more at home to help my child do better in your class. 

20.  You are an American hero and what you do is changing our world. Thank you.

What else would you add?

Drop a comment and share this post with parents. Remind them that teachers are nervous just like parents, but everyone has the same goal. We all want every child to have an awesome school year, and if we will all work together and trust one another, surely they will. 

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