Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Draw Something" to Reinforce your Child's English Skills this Summer

I learn so much about technology from my daughters.  Right now, my middle daughter is into "Draw Something" and she gave me some pointers on why this is a great app for all parents to share with their kids.  I hope you like them.

1st - Challenge

The app has a 75 word challenge every week.  The interesting part about Draw Something is that the pictures are already drawn.  The kids just have to use their skills to figure out what each picture is.  Every week my daughter is being exposed to 75 new words that challenge her thinking.

2nd - Spelling

Draw Something gives parents an opportunity to work with their child on spelling words and teach them new words that they may not have discovered yet in school.  It is a fun way to reinforce spelling rules.

3rd - Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a huge skill that can be reinforced with Draw Something.  The pictures help students learn a new word and develop a pictorial model of its definition.  It has been amazing to see my daughter's vocabulary grow with this app.

4th - Experiences

As a parent, this app tells me what experiences I need to give my children.  From this app, I discovered that my daughter didn't know who King Kong was, so that was a great opportunity for me to give her the experience of watching this timeless classic.  Experiences are the key to comprehension.  The more experiences you give your children, the better reader and thinker they will become.

5th - Collaboration

This picture to the right challenged me and my daughter for a minute.  Was a it a concert or a circus?  We couldn't quickly figure it out.  Working together with my other daughter, the three of us figured out that the word was festival.  Draw Something offers opportunities for teamwork and problem-solving and this a a great 21st century skill that parents can teach their children.  

Draw Something Today

Technology in many ways pacifies kids over the summer, and English skills wane over summer break.  This great app gives kids a fun way to brush up on their English skills throughout the summer without even knowing it. 

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