Sunday, March 2, 2014

6 Symptoms of a Contagious Classroom

The flu season never seems to end. The stomach bug comes through and wipes the classroom out like a tidal wave. It seems like sometimes the classroom is nothing but a contagious pool of germs. As soon as one student comes back from being sick, two more go home with the same symptoms.

Got hand sanitizer?

Here's my question for you today. Is your classroom a place that is infesting with contagious germs for learning?   In other words, do students walk in the door and instantly catch the bug that you're infected with?  Does your passion for learning motivate the apathy out of kids?  

Here are 6 Symptoms of a Contagious Classroom. 

Intrigues high achievers

Nurtures struggling learners

Fascinates average abilities

Empowers all learners to own the content

Connects learners to one another

Transforms acquisition of information into passion for learning. 

So are your Kids Infected???

If your instruction has these 6 components, chances are that the kids are infected with inspiration. If you have a contagious classroom, apathy is absent. Interest is invigorated, and learning is growing by leaps and bounds.  Finally, are you a contagious teacher?  If so, you don't have a job.  You have an awesome affliction. 

This week, catch the bug and infect your students with it.

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