Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iMovie Motivation

The iMovie has been my most favorite app for motivating students. The app creates the opportunity to make great videos, but what I like most about it is the trailer feature. There are 16 trailers to choose from where you can make a personalized, 1 minute, Hollywood caliber clip to motivate every kid in your building.

Last month, we worked to motivate our students to exhibit the best work ethic in class each week. Each Monday, teachers agreed on the targeted learning behavior that they would like to see in all of their kids. They communicated to the students what behaviors they are looking for in class all week long, and the kids knew that on Friday, someone would be selected as the most improved or best in the class.

On Thursday, I created the storyboard for each grade's video. This took me about 5 minutes because I just had to think of less than 20 words to describe the essence of the student behavior of focus on the video. Since I'm on Twitter frequently, this task was rather quick.

On Friday, I took 45 minutes to go to each class to video each kid who was selected by the teacher. The short video clips of each child showed them beside an important anchor chart, in the hall holding their awesome work or making a funny pose. The kids got a big kick out of being pulled from the class by the principal for something as cool as a commercial about learning.

After I completed the video, I saved it to my camera roll and imported it into my Dropbox so I could email the teacher the video link to their school account. On Monday, the teachers showed the video to their class and used it as motivation to work hard so they could make next week's video.

Motivate your kids using a 1-minute iMovie Trailer

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