Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Ultimate Compliment

Last week, I was blessed to watch my son perform in the Texas All State Choir. It was a privilege to watch him perform with the top 1% of all the singers in the state of Texas. My proud papa moment was watching my son follow in my footsteps with his much better musical talents.


While I was waiting in line to enter the concert, I saw a familiar face, Jimmy. He was a former choir student of mine who was also waiting in line for the concert. He was a freshman when I left the choir room forever for a position in administration. As we caught up, he told me that he became a choir director.  That is always neat when you come across a former student that teaches in the field that you taught him.  You always hope that some of your students will one day teach the subject that you taught.

Later in the evening I received a friend request from Jimmy on Facebook. I accepted him quickly and saw his post on his perception of our meeting from earlier. What came next blew me away.

Words cannot describe the feeling that I have about this post. We all want to know that we have done a good job, even a great job, but there is no better compliment than to be told that the work you have done inspired someone to follow  in your footsteps.

Let me be clear.  This isn't about complimenting a person or blowing up their ego, rather it is much deeper.  The ultimate compliment validates a lifetime of work, commitment and service.  It affirms that all of your effort was worth it and that someone wants to give to others what you gave to them.  That beats any award, plaque or banner that I have ever seen.

As I think back, I can quickly think of 3 people that inspired me to be just like them. I strive to follow in their footsteps and inspire others in the way that they inspired me.  Now, I need to conclude this post so I can pay them the ultimate compliment.

Who do you need to give an ultimate compliment to?

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