Thursday, March 10, 2022

2 Steps to Restoration over Spring Break

Spring Break is almost here and there’s one thing we all need and that is a break! I don’t know one person who is not looking forward to a break. From parents to principals, students to staff, and teachers to transportation, we are all ready for a break.


Well if you’re like me, you think the purpose is to get a break, and you’d be half right. Yes, a goal is getting a break from the work. We need to rest, but the real purpose goes beyond rest to finding one thing.

Step 1 to Restoration- Unplug

If we want to get the most from spring break, we must take a break, but we must also be restored. So how do we get restored? Well, the first thing we must do to break away or get unplugged from the things that are in our daily routines. Here are just a few things that i suggest you break away from.
  • Any unfinished task - it will be there when you get back.
  • Planning - finish your plans and leave them at school.
  • Social media - while it is good to catch up with everyone online, it prevents you from getting the rest you definitely need.
  • School Habits - when I say all, I mean all. Leave your resources and everything else at the school.

Step 2 to Restoration- Plug In

The other part to restoration is connection to things that really matter. In other words, we need to get plugged into important things. What are they?
  • Faith - We need to reconnect to our faith, if we are going to make it. Personally the most important thing in my life, and connecting and reconnecting with my faith is essential to my restoration.
  • Family - We need to plug into our family. At the end of the day, when you leave this earth, no one at the school will remember you more or miss you more than your family. Get restored by investing in the most important people in your life. Health - when you‘re stressed, your body takes the biggest toll. Spend time exercising, taking a walk, hiking or something that will get your blood pumping. Exercise is a great stress reliever and a great restoration practice. Reading - I was not always a big reader growing up, but now I find a way to read something unrelated to education when I’m on break. Sometimes it’s spiritual, sometimes it’s motivational (Jon Gordon), and sometimes it’s spiritual (Rick Warren or Tony Evans). Rejuvenate your mind and it will rejuvenate the other parts of you

What would you add???

The break is upon us. Will you be fully restored or only partially restored? The key to your success in the fourth quarter of the school year is taking time to fully disconnect from the work and fully replenish your body, your mind, and your spirit. If you can do find true restoration, you will have what you need to come back rested and rejuvenated to make a difference in the lives of all kids.

Happy Spring Break!

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