Sunday, February 3, 2019

Welcome to #FistBumpFebruary

February is upon us and that means Random Acts of Kindness month. With all the efforts to show kindness, I truly believe the smallest act with the largest impact is acknowledging people around us. Maslow’s 3rd level in his Hierarchy of Needs is love and belongingness and we mustn’t forget that many students lack love and belongingness from home, and therefore come to school with a motivation to fill this very important need.

So What If We could Fill that Need???
What if the school functioned in such a way that everyone one in the school participated in a unified
movement to make everyone feel loved and feel like they belong in the school?  And what if that unified movement was something that everyone could do that required next to no effort?  It would be pretty cool, and I believe highly successful for the school as a whole.  

I, therefore, propose that February be renamed Fist Bump February. Throughout the month of February, teachers and leaders could create a culture where every student received  at least 10 fist bumps and gave away at least 10 fist bumps each day while at school. Can you see it?  Better yet, can you see how your students will feel more a part of your school because of it?  It might be a little bumpy (pun intended) getting started, but it could be powerful enough to change the entire culture within your school. 

#FistBumpFebruary, let’s make this a movement and spread the love, show acceptance, and strengthen the relationships throughout our schools!

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