Saturday, January 12, 2019

3 Ways Leaders Slow Down to Do More

In this fast-paced world, we have this constant urge to get more done. Complete more work, add more tasks, ensure more value is added to the organization.  This problem is this. All these things require one more thing, time that we don’t have. So In our effort to get more done, we sacrifice more and in turn do we achieve our intended results?

In the short term, we do, but in the long term we run the risk of burning out. So how do high-performers same to always succeed? The answer is that they slow down.

If we want to achieve more each and every day, then how do we slow down in order to get more done?

Three ways to slow down so you can get more done

The most productive people build in time to rest.  Creativity and productivity can only flourish when you are rested. Ensure that every week has one day that you break away from work.

Cell phones are the best example of recharging. They work very well until they run out of battery. That’s why we re-charge them. Your body is no different than your cell phone. It must be recharged, and that can only happen when you stop working.

It’s very important to re-focus on a regular basis. Part of the reason you get so overwhelmed is because you lose your focus and add more things to your workload that honestly don’t have much to do with making you better and more efficient at what you do. Each week take time to refocus by protecting the most important things you do and eliminating tasks that have nothing to do with your primary objective.

If we want to be our best, we have to rest. Slowing down does not lead to less productivity. It actually leads to more productivity. Taking a break on a weekly basis from work relaxes our minds, and it gives us a newly focused drive to accomplish even greater things that we had planned for in the first place. The key to accomplishing more is by doing less and getting rest. 

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