Friday, October 19, 2018

5 Gifts of a Graceful Leader

Have you ever worked for a graceful leader, someone who is forgiving, dignified and inspirational?  What makes a leader graceful?  How does she develop the qualities that make her outstanding? In this post, I would like to offer my ideas on 5 gifts that all graceful leaders possess, but more importantly share with their followers. 

5 Gifts of a Graceful Leader

Graceful leaders are generous with their time, their talents, their assets, and most importantly their
understanding. The reason is simple. They are paying forward the generosity that was given to them and forgiveness that was granted by those who cared for them.

In order to be a graceful leader, you must be authentic and approachable. Graceful leaders are abnormally human, and reveal their grace in how they accept and welcome all, especially those who are often overlooked or neglected. 

Graceful leaders hold themselves to a high standard and they  openly display their accountability to that standard. With this  philosophy of supernatural honesty, they are able to inspire followers to hold themselves also to a higher standard. 

A leader’s work is based on results, but a graceful leader’s work is unwavering discipline and commitment to continuous improvement. Graceful leaders commit to the journey, as well as the people who are a part of the trip, and celebrate progress along the way, while the ungrateful leader focuses on results is uncommitted to the people who achieve them.  

Ordinary leaders give up when the going gets today.   Great leaders stop when the goal is accomplished, however the graceful leader is endless in support, constant in communication, persistent in their pursuit for the pinnacle of excellence, and always affirming everyone in the organization. The reason for their eternal effort as a leader is due to their selflessness as a person. 

The Graceful Leader's Super-Secret Gift - Purpose
Average leaders act out of selfishness. Great leaders act in order to see tangible results. The graceful leader however has no purpose to acquire earthly accolades or superficial results.  They realize that these trophies disappear in time, and the awards fade the minute they are bestowed. The graceful leader is in pursuit of something much more important than results, and that is fulfilling his or her God-given purpose and leveraging their talents in order to help everyone discover the purpose for which they have been created.   The graceful leader's legacy is found in the number of people that he has led to accept the grace that is waiting for them to accept.

The graceful leader is in pursuit of not what can be seen 
but that which cannot be seen. 

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