Friday, February 2, 2018

5 Elements of an Excellent "IT" Factor in Educators

Do you have what IT takes to help all kids excel?  It's hard to describe a teacher who has IT.  They have an unbelievable ability to make IT happen regardless of the circumstances. They exceed by generating amazing results in learning because they ensure that any kid grows regardless of the difficulties that they possess.

So Do You Have IT?

Intense Tenacity - an insatiable passion for inspiring your students to love the content you teach. 

Intentional Teaching - everything you provide your students has a specific purpose to hook students into learning. 

Inquisitive Tinkering - never satisfied, you are always thinking of a new and better way to help all kids learn. 

Individualized Targets - knowing the specific strengths and weaknesses of your students, you design prescriptive activities to help them reach their learning targets. 

Dotted I's & Crossed T's - leaving nothing to chance, your organization ensures that every minute is maximized and every opportunity is optimized. 

What's your IT Factor?
The best teachers have a zest for teaching but even more a zeal for their own growth and development. They yearn for new ways to guarantee learning for their students and they do it through constant commitment and routine reflection.  That's how they find their it

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  1. Thank you for the time you take to grow everyone, not just your own! Your reach is impacting lifelong learners across the state, even in little ol' Crosbyton, Texas!