Sunday, November 22, 2015

5 Leadership Lessons from the Mockingjay

The final chapter to the Hunger Games series came out this week, and it definitely didn't disappoint.  (Don't worry, I won't spoil the ending for you.) As I watched Katniss Everdeen lead the rebellion against the loyalists, I couldn't help but soak in all of the leadership lessons I gained from watching her tireless bravery and consistent courage.   Katniss continuously exposed herself to imminent danger because it was essential to reach her goal of liberating her country.  Mockingjay 2 illustrated 5 leadership qualities that every leader must master if they aspire to lead their organization to the pinnacle of excellence.

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5 Leadership Lessons from the Mockingjay

Leaders who are willing to sacrifice their own personal success for the betterment of the organization as a whole accomplish the most.

When leaders visibly display their loyalty to both the success of their organization and to the people that compose the organization, they create a culture of trust and commitment.

People don't follow titles, and they don't follow orders.  They follow action, courage, and example.

A leader cannot truly value his organization unless he cares deeply for the people in the organization.

The best leaders finish what they started.  They set a goal and never give up until that goal is attained.

Are the Odds in your Favor?
Leadership is all about influence.  A leader can positively guide his organization into a new and better world or negatively drive it into toxic misery.  When leaders embrace the 5 lessons from the Mockingjay, the odds will not only be in their favor.  The odds will be transformed into inevitable victory.

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