Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Principal's Excellence Report Card

My post, The Principal's Summer Excellence Checklist was a fan favorite this summer. The idea behind the post was to encourage principals to stop focusing on everything when developing their plan to help their school reach excellence. After all when you focus on everything, you focus on nothing. My goal was to encourage principals and leaders to shift their focus to building the culture and structure that supported teachers who in turn help every child learn. 

Well, report cards are coming out, and they tell the kids how they have done in their learning thus far, but what about you?  Where is your report card? How well are you doing at building the best school for all kids and all staff? To help you determine your effectiveness, I developed a report card based on the Principal's Summer Excellence Checklist. You can use this tool to rate yourself as well as make a personalized plan for improvement based on identifying your strengths and targeting your areas for growth. 

Reflection is the difference between average and exceptional leaders. The more we reflect on our own effectiveness, the more we learn about ourselves, and the better we lead our organization.  I hope you will take a moment and reflect on your abilities as a leader and make a focused plan to lead your campus to excellence.

To make a copy of your very own Excellence Report Card, CLICK HERE

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