Thursday, April 2, 2015

14 Fun Ways to Flood the Twittersphere on #LoveMySchoolDay (April 11)

#LoveMySchoolDay is coming up on April 11.  On that day, educators across the country and are going to be sharing all the wonderful things that their schools are doing to help all kids reach their potential.  To get ready for the big day, I have 14 ways that you can use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to show how awesome your school is and why you love it.

All you have to do it share your message with the hashtag, #LoveMySchoolDay, and be a part of a movement that will celebrate the great things that schools are doing for kids around the world.

For more information about #LoveMySchoolDay, click here.

14 Fun Ways to Flood the Twittersphere on #LoveMySchoolDay

1.  Tweet about your School

2.  Take a Selfie

3.  Spotlight a Great Employee

4.  Take a Groupie

5.  Have your Students Blog about It

6.  Make a Vine

7.  Make a YouTube Video

8.  Parent Pics

9.  Athletic Teams

10.  Write a Post on your Blog

11. Have an Assembly

12.  Fly a Kite

13.  Show Your Work

14.  Share Your Vision 

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