Friday, February 20, 2015

You Have Got to Try Mentimeter

What is your bell ringer activity tomorrow?  Why not try a poll?  How about an open ended response or a multiple choice question?  Even better, why not give students a rating scale?

But have Kids do it from their Cell Phone.

Mentimeter is a new program that you can use to engage your students in answering rigorous questions and enter their responses with their cell phone.    The instantaneous results will give you and your students automatic feedback to tell you where instruction needs to go, and it'll tell kids what they are lacking in their learning.

Try out My Mentimeters!!!

To get the full experience of mentimeter, get out your cell phone and go to and enter the code 84 44 64.  Then enter your response and watch the graphic below.

In ONE Word, describe a School of Excellence

go to and enter the code 94 02 43.

Rate all 4 Decades of Saturday Night Live 
(In honor of Dean Shareski)

Go to and enter the code 57 98 92.

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