Friday, January 23, 2015

Brainwash your Kids into College

Are your kids brainwashed?  The answer to that question is a profound yes.  Kids are brainwashed by what they see on TV, what they hear on the radio, and what they follow on their social media. There are all kinds of influences shaping their minds every second of the day, and the question that we must ask is this.  Who is brainwashing them for their future?

What I mean is this. 

There are so many students who have no idea what it takes to go to college. They think college is only for those with money or those who have the best success in the classroom. The fact is 1 in 17 students of poverty will actually go to and graduate from college. What about the other 16 kids? What is their college and career future? Who is brainwashing them into believing that they can go to college and make something of themselves?

If we take the 1 in 17 statistic and look at it through the lens of students being brainwashed, here is what it would look like. One in 17 students of poverty is brainwashed into the notion that they can go to college and make something of themselves. That means the other 16 are brainwashed against college. They are brainwashed to believe that they are not bright enough for college. They are conditioned to know that they don't have the right stuff for a successful life.  

But Here's the REALLY Important Question.

Are you brainwashed? Yes, you!!!. Are you brainwashed into the notion that only a few select kids have the ability to have a successful college and career future. Do you think that a student's socioeconomic status, background knowledge, lack of language, home life, or any other excuse is the deciding factor in whether or not a kid is college material. Do you believe that you have little to no impact on a child's future?

Do you believe that college and career counseling is only the responsibility of the counselor?  Do you say to yourself, "I don't have the knowledge or skills to counsel a student into believing that they can go to college"?  Do you actually believe that you don't have time to talk to students about college and career because you have to much content to cover?

Well the Reality is This.

We better start making time.  Our job isn't to cover content. Our job is to guarantee learning, and that guarantee is not dependent on passing a standardized test each year.  Sure, a student's success can be measured in weekly, monthly or yearly academic growth, but the pinnacle of academic success is revealed when we talk about students who made something of themselves in life.  We all have students that have done amazing things with their lives and we take pride in knowing we played some role in that success.

We must never forget that we are here to inspire kids to know that they control their own destiny, and they hold the key to their future.  Yes, we will connect with some kids more than others.  I know... Not every kids is suited for every subject, but here is one thing I do know.  Every kid can become a productive and contributing member of society.  Some have more obstacles to overcome than others, but if the school can work as a system to intentionally brainwash every kid to find their inner potential and purpose in life, and if every teacher will use their one year of instruction with kids to brainwash them into believing in their future and potential, and if every campus and district leader will create systems that flood students' minds with endless examples of the positive benefits of college and career pathways, then I firmly believe that academic success will not only be accomplished.  It will become more meaningful to our children because they will have something to shoot for beyond passing their classes.  

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