Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Passionate Leader

Passion is a word that describes what I get to do everyday. What I do is not a job or even a career. It is even beyond a calling. It permeates throughout my body, my mind and my soul. As I reflect on my life as an administrator, some basic tenets of my passion surfaced, and I believe they are vital to my daily life as a leader. Hope you enjoy them.


My purpose in life is to help every teacher in every way so they can help every child find their passion in life and become successful at it. If you dig deep into your soul and synthesize why you were placed on this earth, you will discover your purpose as well. Purpose guides your daily actions and keeps you focused on the most important aspects of being a leader.


Passionate leaders possess and consistently display a positive attitude in all situations. Setbacks occur but they don't affect the deep rooted commitment that one has for their work. This undeniable attitude is visible to all, and people will follow this person because his attitude reveals his true heart. After all, one's attitude reflects his altitude.


Passionate leaders live in a world of dedicated service. They are so committed to who they are and what they believe that they will help anyone that they come into contact with. They realize that in order to fulfill their passion, they must help others realize their purpose. Constantly serving others and asking them for their input or thoughts on issues guides the leader to decide how he or she can be more effective servants.

Spirit and Stamina

A passionate leader is hard to catch and their spirit is contagious. He or she is so full of spirit that their stamina outpaces others. The fire inside forces them to constantly move, think and act. A leader with an untamable spirit fueled by a vigorous stamina has the potential to ignite a wildfire of cultural transformation throughout the entire organization.

Infectious Disease

Leaders who are openly passionate about what the organization must do for kids will infect everyone that they encounter with their passion. People will commit to the cause if the leader's actions and words convince them that the cause is noble and morally imperative. Organizations that become infected with a passion of deep substance will do amazing things for kids.


Passion knows no boundaries. Passionate leaders never ask why and constantly ask why not. They view difficulties as opportunities to learn more, and they model this very important skill to their staff. An organization that looks for opportunities is a team purposeful in their improvement.


Passionate leaders constantly build a network of teamwork and support because they thrive on strong relationships. These relationships are forged in the belief in the vision of the organization and what the leader is trying to accomplish. These relationships are also reciprocated by the leader's belief in the people that he works with. The leader depends on the network not only to make the organization successful but also for his or her own personal growth. Passionate leaders will commit to the network and will do anything to help make the network stronger.

I love what I do. Each task that I have has purpose, I firmly believe that what I do makes an impact on the lives of many people. The people that I serve are extremely important to me, and I hold myself accountable for doing a great job of serving them. With every failure and every success, my life grows with ambition and inquiry. After all, I don't have a job. I have a passion.

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