Friday, July 6, 2012

Develop Leadership in Everyone

An organization's success is based on the level of empowered leadership on the campus.  A campus that believes in success believes that it can't just come from one leader or a small group making decisions.  Everyone must be involved, and that can only happen if leadership is developed in everyone. Here are some leadership roles that can be developed within your PLC's or on your campus.
  • Instructional Technology Leader: the expert that can find resources to be incorporated into instruction.
  • Station Leader:  the expert that has great stations that can be implemented in every classroom.
  • Math Hands-On Leader: the leader that always comes up with neat and  relevant ways to make math a fun and interactive hands-on experience.
  • Literature Guru:  the knower of all literature that would be best suited for a particular skill.
  • Researcher:  the one who is always looking for the latest strategy or resource to improve instruction.
  • Intervention Leader:  the expert that comes up with great ideas to help kids who don't learn the concept the first time.
  • Website Leader:  the person who will make certain that everything is posted on the website to keep parents informed.
  • Materials Leader:  the person that will take the responsibility for organizing copying of materials and gathering resources for the team.
  • Resource Leader - in planning meetings, the person that researches one particular resource to see what activities or assignments would best help kids learn a given concept.
This is just a small list of some of the leadership possibilities for your campus or team.  The roles are developed based on the team members' work styles, personalities and overall needs of the team.  The point of this leadership concept is that when the team sees a problem, they collectively find the best person who will step up and take on the responsibility of leading the group to solving the problem.  The most effective teams find the leader by recognizing the talents of each individual in the group and using those talents to help each member of the team get better.  When we divide the work and share the load, everyone benefits, most importantly kids.  Because in sharing the load, we create more pockets of time to help kids learn.

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