Thursday, February 20, 2014

6 Steps to Effectively Implement Change

People often rush to make change without making a plan. Here are some important ideas to make change without losing the trust and support of your team.

Communicate the philosophy of why change is important and necessary; then, Collaboratively, have your team define the vision of the organization.

Honor the work that has been done by using data to define your current reality. Be sure to use multiple data points to define where you are because where you are is where your change begins. Data will help identify practices that are effective and need to continue to support the change.

An Action Plan must be developed to define the new strategies and steps necessary to get your team from where you are to where you want to be. Utilize your staff to make your action plan.

Norm staff behaviors so all will agree how they must work together to implement the action plan. Norming your behaviors and actions will build trust and reduce confusion and conflict when problems implementing the change arise.

Goal-Setting defines where the team expects the change to take them along each step of the action plan. Set short term goals that lead toward a long range goal.

Evaluate your progress regularly. Celebrate your victories and make adjustments. If you don't take time to evaluate your progress, you will never know if you are moving closer to your target.

Change is hard because it requires so much commitment and organization. Taking time to plan ahead and then gathering input and support from your fellow staff members will pay huge dividends in the long run. Change can be successful with strong leadership, strong teamwork and a strong plan.

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