Sunday, June 3, 2012

Recommitting to the Mission and Vision

The year is  over and summer is now in full swing.  It is time to get the building ready for next year, hire new employees and get new resources and training in place for the teachers when they return in August.  As I ponder about the accomplishments from the past year, I find myself thinking how well did our campus do at meeting our mission and vision?  To find that answer, I look to myself.  How much did I do to remind our campus about our mission and vision?  When we encountered problems on our campus, did I guide the campus to look at our vision and mission to help our campus make the best decision to solve the problem or did I make decisions based on what I felt was best for the campus at that particular time? 

As I begin to think about my planning for the upcoming year, I must strive to keep the mission and vision at the forefront of every decision and plan that we make this summer.  In every norm that is reviewed, written and developed, the norm must point directly to our vision and mission.  With every event, meeting or activity that is put down on the calendar for next year, it must support our collective effort to achieve our mission and vision.  The key is to ensure that the mission and vision is reviewed daily, and so I must make plans to make the mission and vision come to life on our campus.  How will I do that?   My initial thought is that what gets promoted regularly with every stakeholder will be what affects the culture of the campus, and the campus culture will permeate that we are aligned to the mission and vision or not.

The mission must reflect what we commit to be each day for the benefit of all kids and the vision must describe what we will become as a result of our daily commitment to our mission.  If we don't make a collective effort to commit to aligning our daily actions with our mission with the desire of changing our campus into what our vision describes, our mission and vision will have been written in vain.

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