Sunday, June 24, 2018

Does your Brand Sell your School's Mission?

Brands are everywhere, and they are designed to tell everyone what the organization is truly all about.  Nike's brand sells millions of shoes by saying “Just Do It”.  McDonald’s brand convinces us to eat their food with “I’m loving it”, and Chick-Fil-A wants us to "Eat More Chicken".  Absent of a brand, people have no choice but to be convinced that your brand is a random collection of beliefs or actions. If you think about it, your brand represents your daily mission. It’s a lofty belief that you use to align with all of your actions.

So what is your mission?  
Every kid, every educator, high levels of learning, 21st century preparation, etc, etc. Missions at schools are virtually the same, but does your brand match that?  What I mean is does this. Does your mission translate into a “Just Do It” excitement that draws parents, students and educators to your school?  Does your brand make people run to your school or away from it?

Here’s the deal. Your brand is not just a bunch of words. It’s an aura, a personality, a mindset, and a call to powerful action.  Furthermore, it invites all people to be a part of your movement because it doesn’t exclude them. Your brand empowers ownership, ignites passion, and inspires commitment. 

Do your Brand do That?
Every school has a brand. It’s just that some don’t energize people to believe in what’s happening. This week,  challenge yourself to evaluate your brand. You have one, whether you like it or not, and if you don’t like your current brand, remember that you are the catalyst to create a culture that can transform that brand into one that says “I’m loving it”!

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