Monday, May 21, 2018

Let's Turn the Last Week of School into Student Appreciation Week

The last week of school has always been about wrapping up the year. Final exams, class parties, end of year assemblies, and don’t forget the piles of stuff for kids to take home. Yes, the last week of school is our last chance to finish the year with a bang.

When I think about my end of year tasks, appreciating students was always one of those “fitting it in” tasks.   I always appreciated my kids, and thanked them for being a part of my year, but it was always my second priority.

But what if it was our first priority?
  • Students could hear words of true adulation and praise as they head off for summer. 
  • Students would transition from one building to the next knowing that they mattered in their last building. 
  • Students who are moving to new town would have the confidence needed to make new friends or put on a brave face when making new friends. 
  • Struggling students would know that their effort was good enough to have a strong start next year. 
  • Students with poor discipline would know that they have a chance for a new start next year. 

Think of it this way. 
The last week of school is our last chance to fill every student with love, appreciation, and praise that will serve as a springboard for next school year. It will give some kids the hope to endure the difficulties they will face during the summer. It’ll remind kids of just how awesome they are, and most importantly it will make you remember why you chose this profession, to save lives. Make the last week of school the most powerful week of the year for every student. 

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