Friday, May 13, 2016

10 Strategies to Succeed in the Most Important Interview

Winning in an interview requires lots of planning, researching and practice.  Making the right first impression counts.  Finding the right suit, shining those shoes, and getting your hair just right sells the first impression.  Sitting up straight, making eye contact and speaking eloquently illustrates just how well you will perform in your job.  All of these things will help you win in the interview enough to get the job, but they won't necessarily be enough to help you success in the most important interview.

The Most Important Interview
The hardest interviews are not the ones that land you the job.  They take place after you get the job.  Every person you meet is sizing you up.  They are gauging your knowledge.  They are interested in whether or not you are there for them.  Yes, the interview after you get the job is a continuous cycle of questions and scenarios to see if you are truly equipped to do the job for which you have been hired.

How to Succeed in the Most Important Interview

  1. First impressions are golden. Don't underestimate the value of them.
  2. Don't focus on titles and positions; focus on all people by greeting and treating them equitably.
  3. Listening is critical, for it establishes your open-door policy.
  4. Ask questions to show your desire to know more about the people you will lead.
  5. Gather as much information as possible before making big decisions.
  6. Seek input from followers on ideas to make the organization better.
  7. Show your desire to learn from those that you will lead.
  8. Communicate the successes that you see with the entire community because they show you value the work already in place.
  9. Find opportunities for growth instead of weaknesses.
  10. Celebrate the hard work and commitment that you find in both word and deed.
Bonus - Find the expertise throughout the organization, because they are the leaders that you can depend on to more the organization forward.

What else would you add?
The most important interview requires a lot more than just the 10 ideas that I shared, and it requires a passion to connect with every person throughout the organization.  I'd like to know what you would add to this list.  Drop a comment and share your ideas to win in the most important interview.

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  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start! I'm happy for you.