Friday, February 19, 2016

If You Truly Love Public Schools, then VOTE

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and with all of the love in the air, I would like to pose a very important question. How much do you love your school? If you truly love your school, you want to see it improve and you want to see the government make decisions that helps facilitate that improvement, right?  Sure, everybody wants schools to improve, but there are two differing beliefs on how that can happen.

1. Put more funding, support and realistic accountability in public schools.  
2. Take money away from public schools to support privatized options and continue punitive forms of accountability. 

That's it. 

Now you and I can lobby all day long but at the end of the day, our elected officials have already made up their minds. They've already made their choice on whether to support public education or destroy it.  

So what's the point???

If you truly love your school, there is one way and only one way to save it. You have to vote and you have to vote for people who actually believe in all kids, not some kids. You have to support schools by electing candidates who truly support all schools, not some schools. You have to research the candidates and find out who wants to take public schools to the next level and who wants to universally dismantle them. 

But if you really love your school and public education...

You have to spread the word and tell people not only who to vote for but why we need them elected. Many people are uninformed about the candidates' beliefs about public education because we are mostly focused on the economy, taxes, health care and national security. Those are more pressing and immediate issues to focus on, but public education is a long term national security issue, and here is the reason why.  The future of our country is sitting in the desks of our public schools. How we educate our future has a tremendous impact on our nation's future. 

If we elect the wrong people, we may get an immediate fix in the short term, but we will dismantle our country for the long term. Our democracy and way of life are at stake, and the hope of our countr continuing to be the best nation on earth will be determined exclusively by the education of those who will inherit it. 

If you truly love you public education, please vote and tell 3 friends to vote for public education as well. 

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